Jenny October 4, 2012

The work with our book project continues. Right now, we (that is, the editorial team + the graphic designers AMI) join our contributors to different places across Beirut that will be featured in the book.

Beirut’s “forgotten stories” – these are great things to discover. People, projects, places. And houses! Many of Beirut’s once-great mansions have been torn down, and in their place, high and shiny towers have been erected. The few that are left are often in a sad state, or awaiting the same sad destiny as their now-gone neighbours.

One of the houses that are still there is the old house of Dahesh – the fabled sorcerer that once lived in Beirut. Our friend Assaad Thebian will write a story of Dahesh and his life for the book. How is that for a forgotten story!

Dahesh’s old house is actually among those few places in Beirut that are being carefully renovated. It’s bought by someone and will be a private residence. The renovation has not started yet, so the place is still in a state of decayed wilderness. There’s a small office set up to oversee the renovation, and the rooms inside have been turned into makeshift bedrooms for the Syrian construction workers waiting to begin the work.