Jenny December 5, 2012

On our journey through Gujarat, we stopped for a few hours in a small place called Bhanvad. The town is surrounded by a semi-dry landscape, dotted with palm trees and greenery, and has the mountainous Barda Hills as a backdrop. There was a maze of charming back alleys, and I soon found myself stopping in front of every door, admiring the many beautiful doorways.

A metallic door, painted in shades of green, with the Om sign.


Simple, beautiful wooden doors.

One example of the fascinating wooden carvings that are common in this part of Gujarat.

Diwali decorations still adorn some streets.



Light green, pink, sky blue – the whole town wears shades of pastel.

One of Bhanvad’s many mandirs (Hindu temples). This tiny one was closed off and locked.

In a small alley, an entrance that reminisces of Gujarat’s princely past.

More from the past.

A shop owner and his friend.

After feeding the family, feed the cows!



On the main shopping street running through town.