Jenny June 5, 2014

Village life

Am spending a couple of weeks in Sweden, at mum and dad’s place in Floby, a sleepy village surrounded by yellow fields and meadows where cows spend their days chewing grass and meditating on life. May-June is a great time to visit Sweden. People are happy because summer is near, it doesn’t get dark until 11pm, and there’s at least one bank holiday every week (if lucky, it falls on a Thursday, which means people take Friday off as well – and end up with a three-day working week).

Usually, my visits to Floby follow a set pattern. Day 1: all cheerful, happy to see mum and dad and cook food in their kitchen. Day 2: still smiling, still cooking, catching up on the latest village events. Day 3: same as Day 2, plus rediscovering running trails in the forest with mum-the-ever-positive-runner or my-brother-also-known-as-the-marathon-star. Day 4: ok, done, can we leave now?

Four days. Perfect!

So my advise (based on 30+ years of solid research) if you want to visit Floby is: please, do. Listen to the silence, walk around without shoes, say hello to the cows. Spend a couple of days zooming out, tuning down, turning off. Then, yalla. Bid adieu, say goodbye. Ciao. Adios, see you again. Go catch up with the world. Because it’s still turning. It just doesn’t feel like it (and if that kind of quietness appeals to you – stay. Floby is for you!).

Floby - 8

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