Jenny April 16, 2015

2.0. and a new toolkit

It seems this is the week for big launches. At least two of them! Mashallah News, the collaborative Middle Eastern magazine I’ve been part of running since 2010, is finally getting ready to release the 2.0. version of itself – after delays and then extended delays, none of which were part of the initial plan but happened nevertheless. I guess this part of navigating through life. You will just continue coming across unexpected things. Or rather, they will find and come across you!

Either way, we’re getting there. Have spent the last couple days almost constantly online, together with the rest of our core team, searching for bugs and mistakes and tiny details that should be fixed – images to be moved here or there, missing letters and links to be found and restored. It’s crazy how you can look at something so many times, thinking it looks fine, and then realising there’s a huge and major thing that’s just absolutely wrong!

We still have this message on the site…

…but it’s about to be replaced any moment by the new and loving Mashallah News 2.0.

The other launch I am much less involved in, only making a guest appearance – an honoured one actually since it’s for the premier – but equally happy still. It’s a Swedish initiative, a brand new one, aiming to explore new ways of getting journalistic stories out. It’s a site called KIT, as in toolkit: your set of instruments and gear to manage in the world. Actually it’s not right to call it a “site” because it’s rather a site without a site. The team behind is going to use exisiting channels instead – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social, moving, communicative media – and bring stories out to people, not the other way around.

Am curious to follow and see how things go. If you are as well, start here with their first collection of stories. The contribution from Karim and myself is among them, and can be found here. It’s a piece from Lebanon, this tiny and overcrowded country, constantly balancing on what seems like the very edge – yet amazingly resilient and stubborn, always ready to react and counteract. In Swedish, but as you know, Google translate is your friend!

Hur kan Libanon fortsätta existera? KIT april 2015