Jenny June 10, 2015

1 minute from Cape Verde

When doing the Transom workshop back in 2013, we produced this thing called sonics – super short audio features to be played in between shows, something born from an idea by Jay Allison from the team behind Transom. One of the sonics I did was picked up from an interview with Vasco Pires, a man from Falmouth, a small town on Cape Cod, but with roots on another cape – the African island of Cape Verde, from where people first arrived in the United States on board whaling ships destined to New Englad. Vasco Pires told me stories from his travels on Cape Verde, including the one of this young man, whom he met on the street as he was walking around, singing and improvising. Just like Vasco Pires, I was fascinated by the song and the made-up lyrics – here’s how it sounded when turned into a sonic (and here are all Transom sonics when featured on the storytelling platform Cowbird).