Jenny September 9, 2021

In the event that this Agreement is terminated for the first year of this Agreement, with or without cause, the Parties acknowledge and agree that they will not enter into the same agreement or, for the most part, the same agreement until one (1) year after the entry into force of this Agreement. 8. All reports after being transcribed are checked by the radiologist or dictating agent within ten (10) hours and processed for disconnection if they are transcribed within two (2) hours of reading and between 7am.m am and 4.m.m. 1.2 Exclusivity. This Agreement is an exclusive agreement, which means that, during the term of this Agreement, the Contractor, including all related enterprises of the Contractor approved in writing by the Hospital, whose consent cannot be inappropriately refused or delayed, is the sole source of services to be provided in the Facilities, regardless of the service provided for in this Agreement. The hospital agrees that it will not enter into contracts with doctors who are not related to the contractor for the provision of services during the term of this agreement. In addition, the Hospital agrees that only physicians employed by the Contractor are entitled to the granting of clinical privileges necessary for the provision of services, unless specified in this Agreement. .