Jenny September 10, 2021

Workplaces usually have safe rules and rules about the behavior of people on the premises. This can be for the safety of people and machines. The elements of the machine are destroyed by improper handling. It is therefore necessary to discuss with staff the code of conduct and to mark out areas outside of security. If damage is caused by errors in the personnel facet, the contractor is created to reimburse the resulting payments. Temporary work is one of the acute styles of disorganized work. In addition to the temporary agency system, staff could also be employed through contractual contractors. Workers are considered to be “contract work” or in respect of the work of an institution as soon as they are employed by or by a contractor, with or without the information of the Director-General, in or in the course of that work. 23. If a third party suffers loss or damage as a result of a commission or omission, fault or worker delivered by the Contractor, the Contractor shall reimburse the same amount if the Enterprise is required to pay the same and the Contractor shall reimburse such loss or damage to the Enterprise. When the ownership of the company is broken or a theft takes place at the company site as a result of the staff, the contractor tends to pay compensation to the company and change the lost or broken equipment to the extent of its commercial value. e. When the authorities revoke the licence of the contractor concerned.

The contractor sometimes wants it to be slow to reorganize the men needed for a particular contract. indicate the number of days` notice for the holder for the implementation of the men`s provisions. It may even be mentioned that in case of non-supply of an equivalent, the company concludes agreements with different third parties, that the prices are recovered by the contractor. 4. It is the responsibility of the undertaking to give instructions or directives on how the loading and unloading work is carried out by the workers, and the workers provided by the contractor will carry out the work accordingly. During this category of work, contractors hire men (contract workers) who perform the work on the premises of the guide, designated as the principal manager, but do not appear to be considered collaborators of the principal manager. The diversity of tasks performed by these contract agents varies from one security to another, conversely and at work, and continues to grow. It was rightly felt that the performance of a contract piece by a contractor who began the contract work should deprive the work of its reasonable wages and privileges of the category of work.

(6) If the undertaking finds that a worker provided by the contractor does not satisfactorily deceive the work or that he is not physically able to perform the work in question, the contractor shall withdraw that worker from the service and replace another worker in his place. . . .