Jenny September 14, 2021

The purpose of this Data Processing Agreement is to regulate the processing of personal data by the processor on behalf of the controller, while providing support and consulting services related to SuperOffice CRM products. At the end of this data processing agreement, the personal data are returned in order to facilitate the further use of the data/personal data by the controller when the controller so requires. The processor must first return all personal and other data and then delete it. The processor (and its subcontractors) must immediately cease the processing of personal data from the date set by the controller. This is a legally binding agreement and, by adoption, you agree to the terms of this agreement on behalf of the company with which you are employed, related or related. CONSENT TO THE TERMS Each party accepts the conditions set out in this trust The processor only processes personal data on and in accordance with the instructions of the controller. The processor shall not process personal data without prior written consent with the controller or without written instructions from the controller, which go beyond what is necessary to fulfil its obligations towards the controller of the agreement. However, before designing such agreements, you should first seek expert legal advice to ensure that all information contained in the agreement is duly included. 4.3 The recipient undertakes not to use the confidential information disclosed by the other party for purposes other than for purposes other than these, without first obtaining the written consent of the other party. 3.4 Subject to clause 3.3, at the request of the data provider, the company will remove from its systems, within a reasonable time, all data collected by the software and inform the providers that it has been erased.

6.6 Under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999, a person who is not a party to this Agreement shall not have the right to impose any provision of this Agreement. Purple Seven provides data aggregation and analysis services that lead to tailored reporting for its clients. From time to time, the company may conclude with its customers a specification that allows customers to obtain reports and processed data. Personal data is only processed to the extent necessary for the provision of the necessary services, i.e. the fulfillment of a job description or a request for assistance issued by the customer. The subcontractor has the right to use subcontractors and the controller accepts the use of subcontractors. A list of pre-approved subcontractors is available at the SuperOffice Trust Center. The processor shall ensure, by written agreement with a processor, that any processing of personal data by subcontractors is subject to the same obligations and restrictions as those imposed on the processor under this data processing agreement.

The processor will keep confidential all personal data and other confidential information. The subcontractor shall ensure that any employee of the subcontractor, whether employee or employee, has access to or participates in the processing of personal data within the framework of the MSA, (i) is informed and complies with the obligations of this data processing agreement. The obligation of confidentiality remains valid for one year after the end of the MSA or this data processing agreement. “data” means data entered from time to time into the data provider`s computerised system, collected by the software and delivered to the company for processing in processed customer data, as well as any other data that may otherwise be provided to the company by the data provider for processing in the processed customer data; The processing of personal data (as defined below) is subject to the requirements and obligations provided for by current legislation. . . .