Jenny September 14, 2021

(k) `unfair labour practice` means any unfair labour practice as expressly defined in the Code. (d) at the request of collective bargaining, an employer may request an election before the Court if no choice of certification has taken place during the twelve months preceding the workers` request and if the employer has well-founded doubts as to the workers` representative in the corresponding unit. (b) The Minister of Labour and Employment or his duly authorized representatives may, from time to time, hold a national, regional or industrial tripartite conference of representatives of the Government, workers and employers on the consideration and adoption of voluntary codes of principles aimed at promoting peace at work on the basis of social justice or at aligning the relations of the workers` movement with the defined priorities of economic policy and Social development has been convened. When convening such a conference, the Minister of Labour and Employment may consult certified representatives of workers and employers. (As amended by Section 32, Republic Act No. 6715 of 21 March 1989). (f) No person who is not an employee or employee of the enterprise or enterprise in which a trade union, member organisation, local or local group of a trade union confederation or national trade union operates may henceforth be elected or appointed as an official of a trade union, member organisation, local or local group. Cralaw The application for registration or CBA registration must be submitted to the regional office that issued the registration certificate or the certificate of creation of a local charter of the trade union part of the agreement. (f) an affidavit from the applicant union that there is no certified negotiator in the bargaining unit concerned.