Jenny October 6, 2021

If a student`s behaviour on a bus is a persistent concern, we reserve the right to ask their parents to take alternative transport measures. Violations or non-compliance with school rules may give rise to disciplinary measures. In severe cases, a student`s school bus service may be interrupted. Serious offenders or repeat offenders could lose their bus privileges. The school reserves the right to prohibit a student from using the school bus based on the offense(s), in accordance with the period indicated above. Serious or repeated infringements could mean a permanent ban. Parents are responsible for transportation to and from the school. In this case, no financial compensation is granted if a student does not take the school bus. Make sure you understand the above information before enrolling your child in the school bus service. It takes 5 working days for operations to organize the school bus service after receiving the bus registration form.

This agreement is written in Chinese and English. Refer to the Chinese language if there are differences in understanding between the two languages. Our goal is to make the bus ride to and from school safe and enjoyable for students. That is why we have implemented the following rules for schools. We would be delighted with your support in the implementation of these rules. Your child`s safety is our main concern. This is why safety rules on the bus have been established and must be respected. Please make sure that you and your children read and carefully adhere to the following rules!. . .