Jenny October 10, 2021

Hello Richard, thank you for your evaluation, and I understand your frustration with the amount of the fee. The warranty must cover the cost of repairing or replacing covered items in your home that fail due to normal wear and tear, however, we are not always able to pay the full cost of repair or replacement. The warranty has restrictions and terms and conditions. Generally speaking, in. Read the full review Hello Kris, thank you for taking the time to check out your experience with the U.S. Preferred Home Warranty, I understand your frustration with damage investigations. We have verified the accuracy of your allegations. The warranty covers some items that have broken down due to normal wear and tear, but does not cover everything and may not always cover the full cost of repair or replacement. Based on the verification of your claims, items that are reported to have failed are not listed as covered in your plan and we could not help you with these repairs.

Please note that the warranty covers several items in the house and therefore always offers you valuable coverage. Please contact customer service 24/7/365 at 1-800-648-5006 for assistance or if you have any questions. Respectable, Customer Care Support Team America`s Preferred Home Warranty. Just this year, this warranty company cost me over a thousand dollars because I didn`t cover two claims I had. I was warned by others not to use them, but I gave them a chance, but soon noticed that they would use any excuse not to cover your claims. “NOT ME” recommends this company. Can I select the contractor who will perform repairs with a warranty plan for 2-10 home buyers? Some 2-10 home buyer warranty contracts for the home offer the opportunity to choose the repair contractor. However, if the repair technician is not in the network of 2-10 HBW contractors, you need to make sure that the contractor`s company is ready to work within the parameters of your home warranty. The contractor should call 2-10 HBW for details, and an HBW 2-10 customer service agent can help you determine if selecting a contractor is in your best interest. I called the 2-10 claims department and after a long waiting wait, they told me that since I had the highest coverage, everything would be covered….