Jenny October 11, 2021

While you can`t set up a direct debit for full membership without a UK bank account, you can instead set up a recurring card payment. Simply select this option in the add process. Please note that if you register on a website with a waiting list, your second payment will be charged one month after activating your subscription and will continue from there or shortly after the same day of each month. Anyone over the age of 16 can be a full member of The Gym without restrictions. New carpenters, aged 16 or 17, will, however, have to complete a mandatory introduction to the online gym or gym before obtaining their PIN code. This is due to the safety of members and for insurance purposes. For our student members, your fixed term is extended by the period for which your gym is closed. If you join at an early stage before a new gym opens, one of the limited seats available at this price will be guaranteed to you, which means you pay this monthly price for up to 12 months, provided you do not cancel your subscription before. Your first payment will be collected 10 days after registration and will cover your membership in the first month of The Gym. The following monthly payments will begin one month after The Gym opens.

If you terminate your membership, it says very clearly “terminate/freeze membership” and nowhere does it say that this is a survey. So I clicked cancel membership and followed the steps, again, nowhere was it said to be a survey. • Massage therapy: services that are provided directly to you, that are not part of this affiliate agreement and that are subject to a separate agreement between you and the therapist.