As a professional, I am happy to provide you with an article on “Schedule Line Agreement Table in SAP MM.”

SAP MM (Materials Management) is a popular module in SAP, which deals with the procurement of goods and services. One of the important features of SAP MM is the Schedule Line Agreement, which helps in planning and scheduling the delivery of goods and services.

A schedule agreement is a long-term agreement between a vendor and a customer. It contains details such as the quantity of goods to be delivered, the delivery dates, the pricing, and the terms of payment. In a schedule agreement, the vendor commits to deliver the goods or services as per the schedule mentioned in the agreement.

A schedule line agreement is a part of the schedule agreement that contains the schedule lines, which specifies the delivery dates and quantities of the goods or services to be delivered. SAP MM provides a table called the EKET table, where all the schedule line agreements are stored.

The EKET table contains the following fields:

1. EBELN: This field contains the purchase order number.

2. EBELP: This field contains the purchase order item number.

3. ETENR: This field contains the schedule line number.

4. EINDT: This field contains the delivery date of the schedule line.

5. EMENGE: This field contains the quantity of goods or services to be delivered.

6. EPEINH: This field contains the unit of measure of the quantity.

7. NETWR: This field contains the net price of the schedule line.

The EKET table helps in tracking the schedule line agreements and monitoring the delivery schedule. It also helps in generating reports and analyzing the delivery performance of vendors.

In conclusion, the Schedule Line Agreement Table in SAP MM is an essential part of the procurement process. It provides a comprehensive view of the delivery schedule and helps in monitoring the performance of vendors. The EKET table is a valuable tool for tracking the schedule line agreements and generating reports. By leveraging the power of SAP MM, organizations can ensure timely delivery of goods and services, streamline the procurement process, and achieve their business goals.