A mobile garden befitting a princess

June 10, 2017

A mobile garden befitting a princess There are few better places to hide from a sudden burst of rain than a small, half hidden, temporary garden set up in the corner of a roundabout in the middle of Berlin. Even better if you just bought something to drink and had a...

Sour - 6

10k race in south Lebanon

May 17, 2017

A weekend running event in Sour, the small coastal town in Lebanon's south

St Lucia Mannar

St Lucia in Mannar

April 5, 2017

St Lucia in Mannar On the morning of the 13th, it was December and there was a breeze in the morning, people had already been up and gotten ready, put on new and crisp and clean-washed clothes, perhaps just purchased the day before and not yet worn only tried...

Bridging the gap for India’s madrasa youth

March 28, 2017

A new course at Aligarh Muslim University in northern India lets students from religious madrasas engage with critical thinking and interfaith dialogue to set them on the way to university degrees

Puttalam - 4

Puttalam, with the very clean bus stand

March 9, 2017

Puttalam, with the very clean bus stand Anyone who has been to a fair number of bus stations in southern Asia – or most other parts of the world as well – can easily close their eyes and imagine an unwelcoming place, hot and dusty and very much somewhere...

Sri Lanka’s Tamil temples

January 17, 2017

Between us and the sky: Sri Lanka’s Tamil temples In the morning, if you still have not woke up by the sound of dissatisfied dogs barking away to pass time, or the ever-repeated Für Elise jingle of Sri Lanka’s mobile bakery trucks, there will no doubt be a morning puja in a...

Anuradhapura – ancient city of Buddha

January 4, 2017

Anuradhapura – ancient city of Buddha In the morning, you wake up early. You hear the silence that is no longer fully silent: somewhere far away, people are chanting. Someone outside the door is wiping the floor; the strokes against the ground remind of others, on other early mornings...

The overgrown Beatles ashram

October 13, 2016

The overgrown Beatles ashram There is a place in Rishikesh, just outside the city on the eastern banks, at the end of a road that leads past brightly coloured ashrams with every morning meditation and orange waistcloths hanging to dry from the balconies. You have to make your way...

Small town story

October 4, 2016

Small town story So I happened to be in Falköping one morning, it was a Saturday around 8.30 or 9, with half an hour to spend. I was going to meet my mum outside the place where she goes for gym classes, which is on the main street leading...

Algeria, Algiers, Alger, Algérie

July 21, 2016

Algeria, Algiers, Alger, Algérie It was inevitable in a way, given the geography and shared history of the North African countries, to begin contrasting and comparing. When arriving in Algeria, it was my last place in the region to visit: immediately, I started thinking: Ah, the bread here, it’s as important as in Morocco, but not...

Mashallah News

A new Mashallah News

April 18, 2016

A new Mashallah News It was more than 5 years ago that we first clicked “post” and published the first article on Mashallah News – we were four back then – well, four plus three actually, because the graphic design team AMI were with us from day one, and...


Head elsewhere

March 16, 2016

Head elsewhere Interesting links from the past few weeks. First, a read that I got from Habib Battah, a Lebanese journalist who currently is over in Oxford for his PhD but continues to write about political and urban change over at his blog/site Beirut Report. It’s about the issue of sectarianism in Lebanon and...


New Mid East media

March 1, 2016

New Mid East media A few weeks ago, I stepped out of a plane into a dark and windy evening. It was in Amman, where a winter storm had left the city covered in a wet moist. Typical for January in this corner of the Mediterranean region: nights are cold,...


Around Mongla

December 12, 2015

Around Mongla Today I went around long, neverending it seems, roads made from mud and brick, making their way through a landscape of rivers and canals and small houses and paddy. I met so many people along the way: Dip, maybe three, who lost both his parents and now...


Oh Calcutta!

December 4, 2015

Oh Calcutta! That’s the name of a restaurant serving funked-up traditional Bengali food – but also an expression can signify most of one’s feelings towards this city. Calcutta is a place for those who like to travel in time (any city is of course, but some more than others):...