Stories from Central America

January 15, 2015

Stories from Central America Some of the stories Karim and I did from Central America have been published on different platforms, or will be out in the upcoming weeks. If you’re in Norway, their Norwegian daily Aftenposten is featuring two long reports from us in their monthly in-depth magazine Aftenposten...

November in Beirut

December 4, 2014

November in Beirut Zarif Basta Hotel Dieu, Ashrafieh Hamra Mathaf Basta Bachoura Ein Mreisseh Corniche Antoine book shop (our book for sale!)

New old ways of baking in Tripoli

November 29, 2014

New old ways of baking in Tripoli On Monday, we got up super early (which at this time of the year, when darkness reigns, means before sunrise) to make our way north along the coast. Lebanon is a really tiny country, but still has 4.5 million people (plus an...

Thread by thread

November 7, 2014

Thread by thread Earlier this year, Karim and I spent time in a village on the outskirts of Dhaka: South Rupshie, where almost everyone lives from producing beautiful, handmade sari fabrics. The story was published in the Swedish magazine Hemslöjd, a publication on social and creative crafting and artistry....

No grey city

November 7, 2014

No grey city There are some things I remember more than others from my last time in Mexico City. The blue maize tlacoyos, the wide and green La Reforma, the wonderful huitlacoche, the metro, one of the friendliest yoga places I’ve practiced at – and street art. Really, this...

What we used to eat as kids

October 20, 2014

What we used to eat as kids This is going to be a different kind of post. Maybe a strange one to break the silence with, but I’ve been on so many buses lately, staying entertained by what comes out of that tiny computer that fits so well in your...

Guatemala City

August 5, 2014

Guatemala City Westin, Radisson, The Continental. A mother with her kid in a thick scarf, wrapped across her chest, fastened with a know between her shoulders. The guy on the street directing the cars, nice cars, new cars, wears a torn sweatshirt. Tap-tap-tap. The sound of making tortillas. Guate!...

A.M. in San Felipe, Antigua

July 24, 2014

A.M. in San Felipe, Antigua On the outskirts of Antigua, one of Guatemala’s largest and most visited cities, lies San Felipe, a rural suburbian neighbourhood, on the slopes of a hilly mountain. This is from a quiet morning on its streets and side alleys.

Where they sleep

July 21, 2014

Where they sleep Cemeteries are not for the dead. If anything, they are for us, the living. They are welcoming spaces, despite what comic books and ghost stories have led us to belive. They are places that allow us to imagine things. Other realities, other worlds. Those of the...

Head elsewhere!

July 20, 2014

Recent interesting reads Shashi Tharoor writes about India’s language politics: “we don’t have one ‘national language’ in the country, but several”. A feature from Karim and me, published in Sydsvenskan earlier this year, about Jibon Tari, “the boat of life” – a floating hospital in Bangladesh. Makeshift, a magazine...

Plastic fish

June 21, 2014

On a very short break on Tjörn, an island off the rocky, salty west coast of Sweden (where you find, for example, ocean-inspired mail boxes).

Head elsewhere!

June 16, 2014

Recent interesting reads Some of the basic (but not well known enough) facts about Iraq and why it is in the place where it is today in this blog post by intellectual and commentator Juan Cole. Musawah is an interesting initiative by a group of Muslim feminists doing interesting...

Health matters

June 11, 2014

Health matters Many don’t know this, but Bangladesh is much more than a country struggling with how to make life safe and secure for its people. In fact, during the past decades, when it comes to health care, Bangladesh has become much of a role model for other countries in...

Intellectual coffee

June 6, 2014

Intellectual coffee I recently wrote a piece about a dear and familiar place: Hamra, a neighbourhood in central Beirut, just up the hill from the seaside corniche. The Swedish literary magazine Vi läser (“We Read”) has a section where they bring readers to a place or a city, and introduce...

Village life

June 5, 2014

Village life Am spending a couple of weeks in Sweden, at mum and dad’s place in Floby, a sleepy village surrounded by yellow fields and meadows where cows spend their days chewing grass and meditating on life. May-June is a great time to visit Sweden. People are happy because summer...