Marseille, Marseille

April 11, 2018

Marseille, Marseille It was enough with only three days. After that I knew it. I had found her: the city I would live in were I ever to move back to Europe again. Mediterranean, sunny, open to the sea and with a deep-rooted transitory identity. Marseille! Hélène, a journalists...

2017 on a plate

January 10, 2018

2017 on a plate The year went a bit like a multi course dinner: one edible thing after the other. And since January is a time for reflection and thinking about the year that passed, why not do that in food? So here goes, the best and most interesting...

Head elsewhere

August 8, 2017

Head elsewhere While researching for a session during our upcoming workshop on journalism and migration, I came across lots of great photographers (the topic for the session is how to use photography to change stereotypes and present alternative narratives) and since we’re living in the age of social-visual media,...

Tripoli summer city

July 9, 2017

Tripoli summer city The road that leads through Mina down to the sea, on a heavily hot Saturday afternoon.  

A mobile garden befitting a princess

June 10, 2017

A mobile garden befitting a princess There are few better places to hide from a sudden burst of rain than a small, half hidden, temporary garden set up in the corner of a roundabout in the middle of Berlin. Even better if you just bought something to drink and had a...

St Lucia in Mannar

April 5, 2017

St Lucia in Mannar On the morning of the 13th, it was December and there was a breeze in the morning, people had already been up and gotten ready, put on new and crisp and clean-washed clothes, perhaps just purchased the day before and not yet worn only tried...