Guatemala City

August 5, 2014

Guatemala City Westin, Radisson, The Continental. A mother with her kid in a thick scarf, wrapped across her chest, fastened with a know between her shoulders. The guy on the street directing the cars, nice cars, new cars, wears a torn sweatshirt. Tap-tap-tap. The sound of making tortillas. Guate!...

A.M. in San Felipe, Antigua

July 24, 2014

A.M. in San Felipe, Antigua On the outskirts of Antigua, one of Guatemala’s largest and most visited cities, lies San Felipe, a rural suburbian neighbourhood, on the slopes of a hilly mountain. This is from a quiet morning on its streets and side alleys.

Where they sleep

July 21, 2014

Where they sleep Cemeteries are not for the dead. If anything, they are for us, the living. They are welcoming spaces, despite what comic books and ghost stories have led us to belive. They are places that allow us to imagine things. Other realities, other worlds. Those of the...