Bridging the gap for India’s madrasa youth

March 28, 2017

A new course at Aligarh Muslim University in northern India lets students from religious madrasas engage with critical thinking and interfaith dialogue to set them on the way to university degrees

Morning madrasa

February 8, 2014

Morning madrasa The call for prayer had woke us up after five, but we didn’t get up until seven. It was a foggy morning, but the sun was already on its way to get the upper hand against the mist. We got out and crossed the grounds in front...

Heading there!

January 25, 2013

Bangladesh. Many tend to associate the country with things like poverty and starvation, or the looming threat of a changed global climate. But there is another story to tell. When Bangladesh gained independence in 1971, after a long and brutal war for independence, the country represented just about every...