The transition to independence and adult responsibility is an important task, and there is much to do. From university, voluntary activities and the start of a job, make positive and informed decisions, until that means maintaining a lease and working with your future landlord to avoid homelessness. Ontario tenants now have additional protection against forced evictions. – When a landlord terminates a lease to move family members, displaced persons must receive compensation. He has to go through the training. No alcohol or smoking allowed in common areas. License agreement (beds) or guaranteed short-term rental (apartment). E-mail: or YMCA welcomes recent legislative changes and the new obligations they introduce. However, YMCA believes that local authorities and other organizations will not be able to fully comply with their rules without sufficient resources. We therefore want the next government to take action to resolve the problem of resourcing as quickly as possible in the new Parliament.

First, YMCA welcomes the many exemptions introduced to protect vulnerable people when the eligibility of 18-21 year olds is changed. However, it is estimated that about 9,000 young people will have difficulty accessing housing under the new rules. £7.77 – 11.05 PW of residents receiving benefits. Applicants between the ages of 16 and 17 should contact Housing Solutions at Southend Borough Council before filling out the application form on 01702 215000. In the absence of a system that adequately reflects the real cost of providing subsidized housing, many providers, including YMCA, have already stated that they must either reduce or complete a number of housing projects. The average stay is 6 to 9 months. During this period, our team works with young people to develop knowledge and skills to gain autonomy. 6 full-time staff and 2 part-time workers on site Mo-Fr 8am-8pm, Sa-So 14-6pm, night security personnel, emergency call system. Key work system with weekly meetings. Action plans with agreed results, audited quarterly. Staff support them with living skills, including budgeting, social counselling, health, access to education, employment and training.

To be eligible, you must have a local link (to Southend), which means that you must meet one or more of the following conditions: Ways to influence our project through resident group meetings People with a history of violent or abusive behavior or arson. People unable to cope with the support of the project. Our accommodations are accessible via the Southend Access Sign. The committee is made up of the main organizations that offer supported housing in Southend. If you want to apply, you need a local link (as described above): the board meets every two weeks to review all homeless applications and decisions are based on the needs and strengths of each candidate.