BNSF Railway, one of the largest freight railroad networks in North America, has recently launched a Contractor Safety Action Plan with the aim of improving the safety of contractors who work on or near BNSF property. This initiative comes in response to the increasing number of accidents involving contractors in recent years.

The Contractor Safety Action Plan is a comprehensive program that outlines BNSF`s expectations for contractors and provides guidance on how to meet those expectations. The plan covers all aspects of contractor safety, from pre-qualification to post-work evaluations.

One of the key components of the plan is the pre-qualification process. BNSF requires contractors to provide a detailed safety program before they can bid on any work. This safety program must include information on the contractor`s safety record, employee training, hazard identification and mitigation, and incident reporting.

Once a contractor is selected for a project, the Contractor Safety Action Plan requires them to attend a safety orientation before beginning work. The orientation covers BNSF`s safety policies and procedures, as well as any specific safety regulations that apply to the project.

During the project, BNSF requires contractors to adhere to strict safety guidelines. This includes using personal protective equipment, following safe work practices, and reporting any incidents or hazards immediately. BNSF also conducts regular safety audits of contractors to ensure they are meeting their safety obligations.

After the project is completed, BNSF conducts a post-work evaluation to assess the contractor`s safety performance. This evaluation includes a review of the contractor`s safety program, incident reports, and any other relevant safety data. If the contractor`s safety performance is deemed satisfactory, they may be eligible for future work with BNSF.

Overall, the Contractor Safety Action Plan is a critical step in improving the safety of contractors and reducing the risk of accidents on or near BNSF property. By requiring contractors to meet rigorous safety standards and providing guidance and support throughout the project, BNSF is demonstrating its commitment to safety for both its employees and contractors.

In conclusion, the BNSF Contractor Safety Action Plan is a commendable initiative that emphasizes the importance of contractor safety. It provides a comprehensive framework for contractors to follow and underscores the importance of safety in everything BNSF does. As a result, BNSF is leading the way in promoting safety in the transportation industry, and other companies should take note and follow suit.