I am a Sweden-born writer/journalist, editor and political scientist living in Beirut since 2009. I work across the Middle East, as well as South Asia and other parts of the world.


I write mainly on politics, society and development, on issues ranging from refugees and migration to urban heritage and cultural expressions: stories of exiled Syrian football players, restaurant-owners in Delhi serving food to people in the streets, Filipino expat teachers volunteering in war-time Libya, boat-hospital doctors traveling up and down the rivers of Bangladesh, teenagers fighting Gaddafi in Benghazi and Tripoli, artisans embroidering memories of conflict and resistance in Guatemala, runner communities in Beirut and Jeddah, inspirational queer and cross-gender individuals from the U.S., Iraq and Sri Lanka, people determined to fight climate change in Bangladesh, people on migrant routes through Libya and Algeria, flower-binding men in Saudi Arabia’s mountains, the first female pastor in the Middle East, Lebanese oud makers, Palestinian cross-stitcherswood carvers in Tajikistan and many, many more.


My work has been published in outlets including:


The GuardianForeign PolicyAl JazeeraIRIN NewsVICEThe NationalThe Caravan – Aftenposten InnsiktPolitikenSydsvenskanSvDFokusOmvärldenETCHufvudstadsbladetHemslöjdKITRunner’s World – Vi läserAmnesty Press


In 2010, I was part of co-founding Mashallah News, a collaborative online publication on society, culture and urban change in the Middle East. We publish stories by contributors Algiers and Casablanca in the west to Tehran and Baghdad in the east; we have also been part of several cross-regional collaborations and projects. In March 2014, we published Beirut Re-Collected, an anthology gathering stories from the Lebanese capital. We have organising workshops for journalists since 2017, on how to report more just and equitable on refugees and migration.


I tweet at @atjenny and share photos on Instagram at @jenperspective. Call, text or connect via WhatsApp at +46733284724. Email to jennygus@gmail.com.