I am a Sweden-born writer/journalist, editor and political scientist living in Beirut since 2009 and reporting from across the Middle East, South Asia and other places. I write on a range of issues related to society, including development, migration, politics, crafts, social issues, urban heritage and cultural expressions. I also work as an editor for different journalistic projects.



I have reported from Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, the UAE, India, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala & the USA.



Bylines in:


The Guardian | Foreign Policy | Al Jazeera | IRIN News | Asia Times | The National | The Caravan | Politiken | Aftenposten Innsikt | SvD | Sydsvenskan | Fokus | Omvärlden | ETC | Hufvudstadsbladet | Hemslöjd | Runner’s World | KIT | Vi läser | Amnesty Press | Atharna | Pedagogiska magasinet | Bang | Språktidningen | Tiden | Expressen | Världshorisont | Re:public | Kehitys | Dagens arbete







I am one of the co-founders and editors of Mashallah News, a collaborative online publication on society, culture and urban life in the Middle East. Since 2010, we have published less-told stories from across the region and done several cross-border collaborations, including organising conferences and storytelling projects, with partners in the region and beyond. In 2014, we published the anthology Beirut Re-Collected with stories from different parts of the Lebanese capital.



I also do workshops on storytelling and media as part of an initiative called Switch Perspective. The workshops take different forms, ranging from longer exchanges with participants from different countries to shorter courses over a couple of days. Each time, participants are invited to reflect on their own past experiences, in order to find ways to do more just and equitable reporting.



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