Around Mongla

December 12, 2015

Around Mongla Today I went around long, neverending it seems, roads made from mud and brick, making their way through a landscape of rivers and canals and small houses and paddy. I met so many people along the way: Dip, maybe three, who lost both his parents and now...

Other media

October 10, 2015

Other media Anyone on social media in Sweden lately has for sure seen at least a number of videos or articles with Hans Rosling, a professor in global health and the person behind Gapminder, a website visualising statistics about the world and global development. It all started one month ago, when he did a...

Syrian refugees – how to help

September 8, 2015

Syrian refugees – how to help It’s early September 2015 and nothing exceptional has happened. A young Syrian boy, 3 years old and with small shoes on his feet, has been taken away from this world. It’s nothing exceptional because these days, in what Syria has become today, children are taken...

Empty plates in Syrian homes

September 6, 2015

Empty plates in Syrian homes “Oil, tea, sugar, rice. And harr in the jar, from chilis I’ve dried.” Yussra Ibrahim al-Muhammad stands in her small kitchen taking up 1/3 of the tent where she’s lived for over three years now, in a camp settlement just outside Qabb Elias, a town...

Health matters

June 11, 2014

Health matters Many don’t know this, but Bangladesh is much more than a country struggling with how to make life safe and secure for its people. In fact, during the past decades, when it comes to health care, Bangladesh has become much of a role model for other countries in...

10 000 chimneys

May 23, 2014

10 000 chimneys Our piece about Bangladesh’s brick-makers, featured on Al Jazeera. The industry is one of the country’s largest – and most dangerous, to both humans and the environment. Karim took the photo.