10k race in south Lebanon

May 17, 2017

A weekend running event in Sour, the small coastal town in Lebanon's south

Kids, children, shishu, babies

March 1, 2014

Kids, children, shishu, babies We came back to Dhaka a couple of days ago, after almost a month in southwestern Bangladesh. Getting back to the capital was nice, the way it always is when you’ve been away from a familiar place. After the eight-hour train ride (which wasn’t bad...

Morning madrasa

February 8, 2014

Morning madrasa The call for prayer had woke us up after five, but we didn’t get up until seven. It was a foggy morning, but the sun was already on its way to get the upper hand against the mist. We got out and crossed the grounds in front...

Making a living

June 14, 2013

They tore down a building, to make way for a new one. A few hours later, the site is filled with people. Mums and dads, but mostly kids. Small children, a few teenagers, a few babies resting on the hips of their mothers or elder siblings. The remains of...

Heading there!

January 25, 2013

Bangladesh. Many tend to associate the country with things like poverty and starvation, or the looming threat of a changed global climate. But there is another story to tell. When Bangladesh gained independence in 1971, after a long and brutal war for independence, the country represented just about every...